Bible Teaching Notes
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Omar C. Garcia


   A collection of miscellaneous bits and pieces of information and illustrations to supplement your lessons. 
These should be memorized by all children! 
177 Titles and Names of Christ  Collection of names of Christ based on the KJV. 
25 Great One-Liners Thoughts to ponder!
57 Cents  God can use even the smallest of us to do his work! 
A Matter of Perspective Understanding the sacrifices our troops make.
A Mouse Story When one of us is threatened, we are all at risk!
A Refiner and Purifier of Silver Insight into the refiner and his fire.
A Village of Just 100 People What world look like if reduced to a village of 100.
An 8 Year Old Explains God  A child's homework assignment to explain God. 
An Unusual Way to Say "I Love You"  Meaning of "I love you" in Fon language of Benin. 
Beauty of Mathematics What will it take for you to give 101%?
Before You Decide  Questions to ask yourself before you decide. 
Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee Beans Are you a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?
Cell Phones & Bibles What if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?
Chain Reaction  Events set in motion by Sunday School teacher. 
Change Your Strategy Sometimes it's not what we say but how we say it!
Christ in the Word  Finding Christ in all the books of the Bible. 
Coal Basket Bible
Take time to read a portion of God's word each day.
Corporate Geniuses  Illustrations for your next lesson on leadership. 
Dear God Children's prayers to God.
Do Good ... Now  Do not put off opportunities to do good. 
Dogs Are you really the person your dog thinks you are?
Don't we all? Three words worth considering.
Do the Math What does it mean to give more than 100%?
Dr. Christianson's Donuts Not all sermons are preached in words.
Easter 2008 Easter is early in 2008. Find out why.
Fellowship of the Unashamed Found in the diary of a young African martyr.
God and the Spider  Spider's web becomes a brick wall of protection. 
Have a Cup of Coffee A thought-provoking parable.
I Think About You Everyday Story about a man with close walk with Jesus.
Information Please  Never underestimate the impression you make. 
Inspiring Thoughts Inspiring thoughts by great Christian speakers.
Integrity Counts  How much is integrity worth to you? 
Interest on the Widow's Mite  Do the math on the widow's mite. 
Interesting Signs  Signs give a new meaning to "signs of the times." 
Isaiah 65:24 Story of an African child who prayed with boldness.
It Depends Whose Hands It's In Consider worth of what is in your hands. 
It's Almost Jesus' Birthday What gift will you give to Jesus this year?
Jesus Had No Servants Consider these things about Jesus.
Jesus Loves Me Version of children's song for senior adults.
Language Twists Who said English was an easy language to learn?
Mean Moms and Dads Why parents are so mean.
Old Cowboy in Church  Use this story to illustrate James 2:1-4.
One Sentence Themes of Bible Books  Bible book themes based on the KJV. 
One Solitary Life  A moving summary of Christ's life. 
Positive Diversity  People will never forget how you made them feel. 
Psalm 23  A new look at a favorite psalm. 
Quotes by Famous People  A variety of quotes by famous people. 
Random Thoughts  Some modern day proverbial-type thoughts. 
Résumé of Jesus Christ Give Jesus the top position in your heart.
Return the Cross to Golgotha Don't lose sight of where Jesus was crucified. 
Road Rage Do others see Jesus in you? 
Seven Great Changes  Insight from D.L. Moody. 
State Constitution Preambles Preamble of your State's Constitution.
Take the Son Use this story to illustrate John 3:16.
Ten Ways to Stay Young  Suggestions can help you stay young at heart. 
The Bible Attacked  The Bible has outlasted its most vicious attackers. 
The Bible in 50 Words  The title says it all! 
The Bottom Line No excuses for living by low expectations.
The Carpenter Build wisely!
The Lord's Baseball Game It takes Grace to get you home!
The Lord's Prayer  What if the Lord spoke to you while praying? 
The Meaning of the Candy Cane  Candy symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas. 
The Sand and the Stone Good advice for dealing with hurts and blessings.
The Seven Wonders of the World  Do you know the seven wonders of the world? 
The Tablecloth  A beautiful story about a reunion. 
The Value  A reminder to value what is really important. 
The Whipping This story illustrates what Jesus did for us.
Three Things  Three things to think about as you live your life. 
To Kids Born in the 1930's - 1960's Reflections on growing up years.
Violinist in the Metro It pays to stop and listen to the music.
What Will God Ask?  What will God ask on that day? 
What Others Have Said About Bible  Miscellaneous quotes about the Bible. 
When Insults Had Class Lessons on insults and use of the tongue.
William Borden Story of a young man who had no regrets.
You Say ... God Says A handy little chart to help put life in perspective.
Count Your Blessings We have much for which to be thankful.
Failure A reminder that failure does not have to be final.
Freedom Isn't Free Inspirational words about cost of freedom.
Holy Alphabet An inspirational acrostic.
I Won't Let Go  A poem on persevering. 
Kiss My Foot  Every member of the church is important.
Ten Little Christians You belong to building or to wrecking crew!
The Anvil   A poem on the enduring nature of God's Word.  
The Cork and the Whale Poem about staying afloat in tough times.
The Oyster  Make most of the things that get under your skin. 
The Weaver This poem was a favorite of Corrie ten Boom.
Tomorrow  Don't put things off till tomorrow. 
Average Christians Can't Play Baseball These ten reasons hit a little too close to home!
Bible Humor Corny, but fun Bible humor. 
Biblical Headlines Biblical headlines if written today.
Can of Worms An object lesson goes wrong!
Children's Biblical Wisdom  Kids say the funniest things.
Classes for Men Register today!
Daddy's Gonna Eat Your Fingers Every parent can relate to this!
Eleven People On A Rope The power of a moving speech.
Humorous Newspaper Ads You'll enjoy reading these actual newspaper ads.
Holiday Tips Tips for the next party you attend.
Inquiring Minds Want to Know  Here are a few odd things to think about!
Just One of Those Days!  Ever have a day like this?
Kids Answers to Questions About Moms Funny replies from kids to questions about Moms.
Melody in F A fun look at the parable of the prodigal son.
Noah's Ark 2005 Building the Ark today might prove impossible. 
Pecans in the Cemetery How fast can you run?
Praise Choruses and Hymns Thought-provoking look at what we sing.
Redneck Church Signs that you might be in a Redneck Church.
Religious Funnies Miscellaneous humorous religious stories.
Riding a Dead Horse A reminder that you really can't ride a dead horse.
Secret of a Long Marriage Sage advice from a husband. 
A Senior Christmas New Twist on "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
Signs You Are in For a Long Sermon Ever brought a sack lunch to church?
Summary of Last Year on Computer All recipients of e-mail will relate to this!
Ten Reasons You Should Tithe Challenge others to be serious about tithing.
Test To See If You're A Grinch Do you have Grinch characteristics?
Ways to Know You're in a Bad Church  A humorous look at life in the church. 
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